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Symbolism and meaning feathers in Dream catchers.

Jay feathers were used in the new model and we were asked what they represent.

Symbolism and meaning feathers in Dream catchers.
For dream catchers, eagle feathers (for men) and owls (for women) are best suited. The feathers of these birds have a pronounced yang (eagle) and yin (owl) energy, and great strength. They will be able to tune in to their owner in the best way. However, any feather can be woven into a dreamcatcher:

Jay feathers - enhance personal charm, tune in to happiness, relieve depression.

Swan feathers - embody purity and loyalty. They cleanse the mind of negativity - jealousy, suspicion, resentment and create a favorable atmosphere for love relationships. However, it must be taken into account that the feathers of the white swan add energy, and the black swan - decrease.

Parrot feathers are quite often used in dream catchers, they can help to get an honest answer to an important life question in a dream.

Raven feathers (and any black bird, except a swan) - in dream catchers, these feathers are able to bring dreams-prophecies, which will not always be easy and pleasant.

Robin feathers - these feathers are good for making and making wishes come true. If these feathers are present in your dream catcher, then the wish will certainly come true.

Pigeon Feather - Can be used in dream catchers, as a catcher of good news. If you want to get good news more often, decorate your dreamcatcher with a pigeon feather.

Seagull feathers - bring good luck on the way, protection from dangers.

Owl feathers - bestow wisdom, and are also conductors of female yin energy, therefore amulets and dream catchers with such feathers are recommended mainly for women. It is the owl that personifies the wisdom of the shaman woman.

Ostrich feathers symbolize truth and justice.

Hawk feathers have the same symbolism as eagle feathers. The hawk is a solar male bird. It personifies heaven, power, royalty, nobility.

Goose feathers - Solar (they say that it follows the sun during migrations) a symbol of breath, wind (goose - "bird of sigh"), vigilance, love, a good housewife.

Stork feathers are a symbol of beauty, health and the early appearance of an heir in the family. Along with the eagle and the ibis, the stork destroys sinister reptiles and is therefore a solar bird.

Guinea fowl feathers - represent fertility.

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