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Zodiac sign Virgo

Features of the zodiac sign Virgo

Sign period: August 24 - September 23

Virgo is a sign of the zodiac, the characteristic of which is in one word - materialism. This is a sign of the element of the earth, so people born under it think more about simple everyday things, rather than hovering in the clouds. The shortcomings of others and the problems around them often cause them displeasure or irritation. Virgos are very economic and pedantic, they try to organize order around them.


Virgo man

A man of this sign strives for perfection at home, at work, in his own appearance. A critical attitude towards people and excessive discrimination often lead to the fact that he cannot find himself a life partner and friends. However, the existing novels are always very serious, fleeting connections are not characteristic of Virgos. Perhaps also because of their modesty.

Virgos, as a rule, are very smart and practical, there is no excessive sensitivity in them. They will never be led by their emotions, for a start, Virgos analyze the situation. They place high demands on themselves and others.


Virgo woman

A woman born under the sign of Virgo is serious and modest. She does not like to stand out and demonstrate her capabilities to others.

In relationships with men, it is important for Virgo to feel that her partner is worthy of her, she is extremely demanding. Virgo will try to change him if there are any flaws in him. If she does not succeed, most likely, she will not stay in such a relationship. It is important for a Virgo to be a leader who will create a perfectly structured world around.

The woman of this sign is very passionate, but outwardly this may not manifest itself in any way. And only a man who is truly suitable for her can reveal this quality. It is important for a Virgo to be looked after, to seek her favor. Despite its practicality, in a fit of feelings, it can lose rationality and exalt an unworthy person.

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