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Zodiac sign Scorpio

Strengths and weaknesses of the zodiac sign Scorpions

Validity period of the sign - from October 24 to November 22

Scorpio is a sign of the zodiac, the characteristics of which are based on its inconsistency and ambiguity. People born under this sign combine diametrically opposite qualities. Today Scorpio is soft, gentle, calm and silent, and tomorrow - stern, stinging, aggressive. It is influenced by planets such as Pluto and Mars.


Scorpio man

The Scorpio man is on his own mind.
The Scorpio man is on his own mind. He follows a clearly defined plan within the framework of laws and regulations that he considers right for himself. For him, it does not matter what others think of him, only his own internal moral code is valuable. These are strong-willed people for whom personal reputation and the achievement of a certain result in life are important.

Scorpios are usually highly intelligent and sane people. They often make high demands on others, they are very truthful and principled. Men of this sign are stubborn and, without folding, go to achieve their goals. Even problems and obstacles will not become a reason for them to abandon their plan.

In the circle of family and close friends, Scorpio shows sensitivity and attentiveness, tenderness and gentleness. However, he is ready to demonstrate to his enemies all the dark sides of his strong character.


Scorpio woman

A woman born under the sign of Scorpio is very strong in spirit, filled with passions. She is distinguished by a masculine mentality, perseverance, perseverance. But at the same time, she does not lose the lady's mystery.

The energy of a Scorpio woman can be envied, she never sits still, it is important for her to constantly do something, to be active. Passive lying on the couch is not for her.

Scorpios are coquettes and seducers, often very beautiful, have good manners, and this is what attracts representatives of the opposite sex.

Women of this sign treat people the way they treat them. They will not curry favor and try to build good relationships with those who do not show sympathy for them.

These ladies are often good housewives and are able to cultivate strength of character in their own children. They will demonstrate to them the advantages of decisive and persistent people, prepare them for real life.

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