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Zodiac sign Sagittarius

Characteristic features of the zodiac sign Sagittarius

Sign period: (November 23 - December 22)

Sagittarius is a sign of the Zodiac, the characteristics of which clearly demonstrate its belonging to the element of fire. Representatives of this sign are very temperamental, but they are excellent at managing their energies. Sagittarius loves to communicate with people, is open and welcoming. However, you should not infringe on his freedom, it will be perceived with hostility.


Sagittarius man

The Sagittarius man is distinguished by a positive attitude towards life, surprises those around him with his childlike spontaneity. He is sociable and frank, and often forgets about tact due to his temperament. However, such a person is a good, patient and understanding friend. Moreover, he chooses friends who are similar to himself - light and positive, those with whom you can find common interests. Has a good sense of humor. Sagittarius loves to chat, and it is interesting to talk to him, what attracts the interlocutors.

A man born under this sign is quite often successful and successful in work or business. This is probably due to the fact that he easily converges with people. Sagittarius most likely has few ill-wishers; he simply does not pay attention to such people.


Sagittarius woman

The Sagittarius woman is also an excellent friend and companion: her positivity and goodwill attract. Although she should have learned to sometimes keep her mouth shut and be more tactful in dealing with people.

In relations with representatives of the opposite sex, Sagittarius behaves naturally, without excessive coquetry, she more likes the role of a kind of fighting friend. She will not go through men for a long time. A Sagittarius woman may well like a completely ordinary person with some distinctive feature. At the same time, she is in no hurry to get married, as she greatly appreciates personal freedom. That is why Sagittarius often leave their parental home early for free sailing.

The lady born under this sign is very kind, always ready to help a friend or acquaintance who asks about it.

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