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Zodiac sign Pisces

Characteristics of the zodiac sign Pisces

The validity period of the sign is from February 20 to March 20

Pisces is a sign of the zodiac, the characteristics of which are based on their emotionality, sensitivity and even capriciousness. People born under this sign are dreamers in the clouds. They are representatives of the water element, which means that they often float with the flow.


Pisces Man

Pisces men often wait for the right moment, and do not act. Despite the huge personal opportunities in different areas, Pisces prefer to fantasize and hope that life chances will arise in front of them on their own. To realize their potential, Pisces needs to have a person who leads them, guides their actions, or is a patron.

It is very easy to offend sensitive Pisces, but they will not be sad for a long time, as they are quite quick-witted. People of this sign are good friends, on whose help it is quite possible to count on. They will not give away someone else's secret, they will listen and support. But the marriage of Pisces is not particularly interested.


Pisces woman

Ladies born under the sign of Pisces are very feminine and sentimental. They are very soft, gentle, well-mannered, love romantic deeds. Men appreciate these qualities in them.

It is important for Pisces women to have support in the form of a husband or patron. They feel confident and protected around such a person and behave like weak women. Often, it is the life partner of the representative of this sign that is given the opportunity to manage their affairs, especially with regard to money matters. After all, they can spend endlessly, Pisces do not differ in practicality, the ability to save and save is not their strong point.

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