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Zodiac sign Libra

Distinctive features of the zodiac sign Libra

Validity period of the sign - from September 24 to October 23

Libra is an air sign of the Zodiac, it is strongly influenced by Venus. Thanks to him, representatives of this sign are often attractive and have a unique charm. In life, their individual qualities and status are more important to them, they will not chase the praise of the public.

It is extremely important for Libra to start a family, but they need to feel personal freedom and the opportunity to express their individuality.


Libra man

Libra men are a sign of the Zodiac, the characteristic of which is distinguished by the presence of a large number of positive qualities: high intelligence, an optimistic outlook on life, the desire for harmony and the ability to create it around them. He is open to communication and welcoming, so people are drawn to him. He may not always be able to provide emotional support, but he is quite capable of listening and suggesting the right way to solve problems. It is very important for Libra to communicate, in this way they express themselves, demonstrate their knowledge and intelligence. They always strive for balance, which is why they extremely do not like to enter into conflicts with anyone.


Libra woman

Libra women are often real aesthetes. Often, representatives of this sign have excellent taste, they are smart, have a good keen sense of humor, like to take part in discussions and in general often think like a man. It is important for these ladies to analyze the situation before making any verdict or drawing final conclusions.

You can rely on Libra women and ask for help. Soft and fragile, they quickly become decisive and active.

Libra is good at housework: their home is clean and comfortable. In addition, the interior of an apartment or house is distinguished by its sophistication and demonstrates the good taste of the hostess. Women of this sign are wonderful mothers, although sometimes they are strict.

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