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Zodiac sign Leo

Distinctive features of the zodiac sign Leo

Sign period: (July 23 - August 23)

Now let's see what the characteristics of Lions are. A zodiac sign with this name simply cannot be simple and inconspicuous. Just as a royal animal has special strength and majesty, so people born under this fiery sign are distinguished by extraordinary energy, will to win, self-confidence. At the same time, the ambitiousness of Lions often lies in the belief that everything they dream of should go to them simply by birthright.


Leo man

The Leo man is very fond of being paid attention to, admiring his person. It is important for him to feel his own importance and see the confirmation of this in the eyes of others. Friends, relatives, colleagues - they should all know how smart, educated, handsome he is. The Leo man likes to swim in universal recognition, he takes everything he can from life. The love of women, a lot of money and other attributes of a beautiful life are his element. Leo is, of course, an extrovert who needs a lot of companionship.

He is so confident in himself that it is transmitted to others and greatly helps Leo in conquering women's hearts. Perhaps he has no equal in seduction. It is important for such a man to choose a very beautiful and worthy lady for himself, who will become an excellent companion on his great life path.

It is very easy for a Leo man to lose his temper: criticism is perceived by him painfully and, as a rule, seems completely undeserved. And if you suddenly decide to laugh at his idea or opinion, beware! For him, this is simply unacceptable.

Leos are generous and tend to help the weaker, they will gladly support a friend and no doubt take risks for the sake of loved ones. Such men love to joke, but the main thing is that the jokes are not addressed to them.


Leo woman

The Lioness woman considers herself to be right in everything and acts in accordance with her own vision of the situation, she is unlikely to listen to someone else's opinion and certainly will not put up with the domination of a man in a pair.

Such a lady proudly carries herself, it is easy to figure out her among people. She is confident in her irresistibility, she believes that any man will fall at her feet if she so wishes. This is often the case in life. The lioness is unusually charming - that is why her self-confidence does not irritate others.

I must say that the woman of this sign is really distinguished by intelligence, grace, beauty, therefore, the attention to her person is justified, as is the high self-esteem of the lioness. This lady is an awkward ten, she chooses a man to match, however, she does not submit to him, but allows her to be near, accepting courtship and gifts.

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