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Zodiac sign Gemini

Characteristics of the zodiac sign Gemini

Validity period of the sign - from May 22 to June 21

Gemini is a zodiac sign, the characteristic of which is ambiguous and duality. They quickly change their range of interests and attitudes. Gemini are quite sensitive and often make an elephant out of a fly, worrying about non-existent problems.


Gemini man

I must say that he has all the data for this, in particular, high intelligence and perseverance. At the same time, he often puts the idea above the people who are important to him.

The Gemini likes to look good and collect compliments, he is not averse to chatting and is sometimes unpredictable. In addition, the representative of this sign does not stand still and always strives for development. All these qualities are very popular with the ladies, and he himself appreciates the mystery in women. Freedom and independence are important for a Gemini man.


Gemini woman

A woman born under the sign of Gemini is a very unusual nature, it is very difficult to unravel her. She often behaves depending on the situation, trying on different roles.

This lady is very emotional, it is easy to hurt her, hurt her feelings, she is very romantic, loves to dream. Despite this, the Gemini woman can calmly leave the past in the past, she will not evaluate the missed chances.

A man who has managed to attract attention, she will love strongly and sincerely. But you won't be able to bind her to yourself firmly - she needs freedom. She is good at combining family and some kind of activity outside of her, for example, work. Although it should be noted that Gemini are not the best workers due to their forgetfulness and inattention.

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