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Zodiac sign Cancer

Characteristics of the zodiac sign Cancer

The validity period of the sign is from June 22 to July 22.

Cancer is another representative of the water element, it is under the auspices of the Moon, and its influence is very noticeable. Cancer is a sign of the zodiac, the characteristic of which is associated with constant self-improvement. They are rather fickle, in need of frequent changes in life. Those born under the sign of Cancer are vulnerable people, but not everyone sees this trait. Often they try to hide it from others, try to appear strong and even somewhat cold.


Cancer man

Cancer men are not easy people. Their mood can change dramatically to the diametrically opposite, which often surprises friends and acquaintances. Now Cancer is cheerful and cheerful, and after five minutes already angry, displeased, sometimes even rude. If you want to build a long-term relationship with a Cancer man, get ready to weigh your every word. After all, rash phrases can be perceived by them rather painfully, Cancer will be offended, withdraw into itself, everyone's mood will be ruined. He wishes that there is no double bottom and ambiguity in communication.

Small complexity can be increased by them to the size of a universal scale and cause a wave of negative emotions. The second half of Cancer must know well the features of his character in order to coexist normally. This does not mean that he needs to indulge and please in everything. Still, a man born under this sign wants to see a strong personality next to him that will be of interest to him for many years. Therefore, it is important to find a way to get around rough corners without betraying your own beliefs.


Cancer Woman

Cancer women are not much different from men of this zodiac sign. In the same way, they can find a catch and hidden meaning in other people's words, turn everything upside down, take everything in their own way, and then get offended and angry. When communicating with Cancers, you need to be careful in expressions so as not to spoil the relationship out of the blue.

Ladies of this sign are emotional, anxious, prone to sentimentality, they can easily cry. Their thoughts are often turned to the past, Cancers think a lot about what could have happened if they had acted this way and not otherwise.

The mood of Cancer women is very changeable, you should not be surprised that they are annoyed and unhappy, although a minute ago everything was fine.

In relation to family members, these ladies show love, affection and patience, are very attached to children. The husband is also taken care of. Absolutely negative and irreconcilable attitude to adultery in marriage on both sides.

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