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Zodiac sign Aries

Characteristics of the zodiac sign Aries

Sign period: (March 21 - April 20)

Aries is the first sign in a horoscope. He is distinguished by his special stubbornness and difficult character, and for good reason, because he is a representative of the element of fire. Aries is persistent and always goes to the goal, not paying attention to the accompanying problems and the possible consequences of their actions. This sign is characterized by strength of character and dedication, which helps him to overcome difficulties and achieve the desired result.


Aries man

Aries is a zodiac sign whose characteristic can be summed up in a couple of words: irrepressible energy and self-confidence. A man born under the sign of Aries knows very well what, how and in what order to do, he has no authority, he will not be guided by someone's instructions. Aries is confident in their strengths and their ideas.

As a rule, people of this sign do not sit still, they are constantly in motion - physically or mentally. Aries are inclined to invent and plan something, but their ideas often do not find support from relatives and friends, as they look strange and poorly implemented. That is why Aries have to achieve their goals on their own, and the final success often surprises others. Only a loss of interest in the business can prevent them from achieving what they want.

Aries man is always in search of something new and interesting, it is important for him to have a field for achievements. At the same time, colleagues and distant acquaintances may know him as a completely calm business person.


Aries woman

A woman born under this sign is a contradictory nature. This is especially evident in relationships with members of the opposite sex. Outwardly, she may be indifferent, but for her this is just a game that allows her to attract the man she likes. Sooner or later, everything secret becomes clear, and the cold person turns into a temperamental tigress.

As a typical representative of the fire element, the Aries woman often cheats on her desires. A person with a calm temperament will not be easy next to such a lady. She is very emotional and assertive, which some men may not like. In addition, she has her own opinion on everything, which she stubbornly defends and even imposes on others. Sometimes she gets carried away in this endeavor.

Aries woman does not sit still. She puts her energy into sports, dancing or some other active hobby. Such a lady loves life and is confident in her exclusivity. She likes flattery and compliments.

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